Dear Secret San-TAY,

My name is Cleon and I love lots of things about videogames. In general, if the gift is something related to that, I’m super happy.

If I had to pick a specific franchise or two, I particularly like these:

  • MGS
  • Final Fantasy
  • Tomb Raider

I’m a huge fan of reading about games too, so I love books about games. I do own quite a few, but I’m always on the look out for more. Philosophy of, psychology of, sociology of games - all that kind of stuff.


I have a noticeable lack of video-game inspired attire, which means that I usually look overly boring whenever I attend any cons.

Outside of videogames, I’m super interested in theatre and (in particular) Live/Performance art. This stuff is very niche, but if that sounds like something you know about then that’d be super cool!

I love a good new board game or two, and will read any cool graphic novels put in front of me. I also have a secret obsession for documentary films.

Also, Dragon Ball Super had sucked me in recently and not let go. Loved Z, but perhaps like Super even more. (Can’t wait for DB:FighterZ).


Shirt Size: Medium (Mens!)

Sweatshirt size: Medium again

Systems I own: All the Playstations (1-4, SP+Vita), Gamecube, N64, 3DS, OG Gameboy (in the standard grey no less), and (hopefully by then) a Switch. Oh and a Windows laptop (not good specs, but handles indies okay.)

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